Big, Beautiful, Blowsy Brussels Sprouts….

A quiet February day in the Kitchen Garden gets supercharged with colour when I pick the ‘Red Ball’ Brussels Sprouts. Their vibrant, passionate shades from ‘Opera Rose’ to ‘Winsor Violet’ evoke warm Mediterranean days. Just soak up that life and intensity for a moment or two… feels so good.

Bleu de Solaise

Pulling the leeks in today’s gale I am soaked in minutes as water streams down my face and soaks my trousers with winter-cold rain. At first it feels as if I am being assaulted, then I get used to it and give myself up to the power of the storm. Out here, high on the … Continue reading

Grab those shades……

It’s July 2013; a hot day. So hot that the tarmac is sticky on the road. And I am instantly transported back to childhood; to my walk to school, picking wild flowers and pushing my face into hedgerows to look for nests so that I might glimpse a bird’s egg. Back in the  present, I … Continue reading

‘Love Me Tender’ Salads……

It’s 7 a.m and I am on Dartmoor, getting my morning hit of cool, peat scented air and tramping over a slippery mosaic of wind swept leaves and debris. The storm has passed, leaving the soil wet and cold in my Kitchen Garden and yet, despite high winds and days of rain, the salad crops … Continue reading