When I wake up in the morning, ideas about what to grow, make or cook start going off in my mind like fireworks-and I don’t mean the slow burn type, I mean the rocket type that once lit, shoot up into the sky and explode with colour and sound. I have woken up with plans so big and so fabulously glamorous, that not acting upon them would be a crime. And boy, the adrenalin is rushing and I am on such a natural high that drugs are not required!

I ran a successful restaurant and inn for 14 years and despite the long working hours those fireworks ideas never stopped popping. I ran my big Kitchen Garden then and grew salad and sweet baby veg for the diners and had the time of my life doing it. So, you want to know what follows the fireworks? Well, it’s my personal Nirvana, a still, silent place of peace where I till the soil, plant the seeds or sauté some baby onions and shallots in olive oil and thyme or watch a fragrant and sticky bread dough rise in the bowl.

Not everyone can have a Kitchen Garden, but it’s thrifty and healthy to sow a few seeds. A few herbs or salad leaves in a window box to transform your meals, only takes a few minutes. If you want to buy your produce, you could make enough preserves from a market or car boot, to convince your friends that you have a country estate!

Growing and then preparing your own produce and eating it can make you feel how you felt after your first kiss, or saw your favourite band for the first time. O.K., maybe that is a bit over the top- but it really will make you feel totally fired-up and happy and fulfilled. I promise.

And to do all of this you can dress- up or down. You can drip with jewels or get covered in mud or flour, or both! Whatever you do, you are going to look fabulous darling…..because you are going to be doing something which makes you happy.

And happy people are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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    • Oh Kitty,waking up on Dartmoor to read that you have nominated me for an award has made my day! Thank you so much! And it is a SUNSHINE Award! Now that sounds just perfect too. Thank you so much for liking my blog……I am off to follow the link right away!

      • HI karen, my pleasure… I quite liked the idea of a sunshine award. It helps to spread a bit of chear especially to us here on our dark gloomy days.

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