Fabulous; it’s Friday!

When a shaft of Spring sunshine hit the citrus, greeny- yellow and hot pink of this impromptu floral theatre, the Primula Victoriana plants turned their black-brown and golden faces to the light and just glowed. Have a FABULOUS Friday and a great weekend. x  

The King in the Car Park….

Purchased in a vintage shop a few years ago, this sweet lace garment came with an intriguing label made from an old Players cigarette card featuring Richard lll. Today, the mortal remains of this controversial King have been interned on consecrated ground in Leicester Cathedral in the county of my birth. Thousands of people from … Continue reading

One Spring Day on Dartmoor….

This post is dedicated to my friend, Robbie, of Palm Rae Urban Potager  and to the memory of her beloved dog Punk, who was her constant gardening companion. The air is at once softer and more gentle, yet at the same time tentatively hopeful and new. The Crocus buds are fat and in bloom as … Continue reading

Raspberry Vinegar and Other Stories….

Cocooned under duvets and blankets, the bed piled high with books, packets of seeds, boxes of tissues and Josef the cat, I cough and sneeze my way through a winter cold. In the night, when I can’t sleep I slip into the world of Victorian England through the eyes of Mrs Beeton’s book of Household … Continue reading